Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Hello, hello, hello!

I'm Nicole and I am writing this blog to explore beauty, well-being and all of the girly bits in between. I am a HUGE admirer of those who get their make-up and beauty application spot-on, but I still have loads to learn! I wanted to create this blog to allow you guys to join me in my mission to learn more.. Ultimately, I would like this blog to be your one-stop beauty bible for products and techniques! 

I have recently done some beauty courses which made me want to learn more. Plus, I am so fed up of spending small fortunes on beauty products which, once I have opened (!!), I find aren't for me. Are you with me on this one? Research must be the key!

I am hoping to share all aspects of beauty, well-being and all of the girly bits in between with you. I love products with a purpose, after all, we all want to see results! But I am also easily tempted by sweet smelling, beautifully packaged, and well marketed products (aren't we all?), so lets hope for a happy balance of result-driven products and something I would be proud to have sat on my dressing table!

I would love to hear your comments and any product requests too. Is there something you can recommend or something you'd like to hear more about? Email me and let me know- I will make it my beauty mission!